Firm But Fair – Be A Consistent Landlord

Firm But Fair - Be A Consistent LandlordI have said it before and I’ll say it again, there is more to being a landlord than buying a piece of property and collecting rent. In this article, I would like to address one of the in between steps; specifically, dealing with tenants who are not holding up their end of the bargain.

Before you rent a unit to any tenant, you should present them with a written form outlining the building rules, procedures, Read more →

Walk Through Checklist Before Closing on an Apartment

Walk Through Checklist Before Closing on an ApartmentA last home buying checklist gives you the opportunity to detect any flaws that you might have missed earlier. It’s in your best interest to do so before closing on an apartment. As a buyer, it’s your right to make sure that all is well in your new home. Given below are few things, which you must see before moving in your new house.

Check doors and windows

Examine each door Read more →

A Buyer’s First Impression Turns “For Sale” Into “Sold”

A Buyer's First Impression Turns If you are trying to sell a home in today’s market, you may have noticed the fact that some homes sit and sit. They just don’t sell. If homeowners just apply a little effort they can appeal to a wider audience. What I mean by this is that staging your home correctly can mean all the difference in the world when it comes to selling.

Almost all realtors will agree that a buyer’s first impression is the most Read more →

Home Selling Advice: How to Create a Great First Impression

Home Selling Advice: How to Create a Great First ImpressionThe old adage is that you only get one chance to create a first impression. That’s true, but in real estate sales, there’s a corollary to that statement that says: Great first impressions create quick sales. With that in mind, let’s walk through a typical house and talk about how to create a great first impression in a potential buyer’s mind.

We’ll start with the kitchen, which is one of the most Read more →

Apartment Living – Is it For You?

Apartment Living - Is it For You?Apartment living has many advantages for just about any age group. Young adults learn how to get along with roommates and hone some people skills, along with learning how to budget and pay their rent and other bills.

Older adults sometimes choose apartment living if they decide to downsize after their children grow up and leave. Still other people tend to move frequently because of their jobs and they Read more →

How to Get Rid of a House Quickly

How to Get Rid of a House QuicklyThere are numerous situations which could get you looking for information on how to get rid of a house quickly, from a situation where you are pressed by a creditor for fast repayment of a debt (with the threat of having the house auctioned for a song to service the debt hanging over you) to a situation where you have gotten into some sort of financial emergency requiring a huge sum of money, Read more →

Could 2010 Be the Year of a Rental Renaissance?

Could 2010 Be the Year of a Rental Renaissance?The broadsheets are crammed with features and analysis on the state of the housing market. The stark reality is for many twenty and thirty-somethings who are not on the property ladder, it is incredibly tough to get a foot on. The UK’s economy is still fragile and redundancies still a reality. Add to that the fact that many young professionals have heavy student debts and are still Read more →

Many Renters Prefer Short Term Apartment Rental

Many Renters Prefer Short Term Apartment RentalIn this day and age when more people find themselves traveling for work, school, and experience, short term apartment rental simplifies travel. Signing a month-to-month, three month, or six month lease gives renters the opportunity to visit a location for whatever reason they need without worrying about making a commitment which exceeds their personal goals. In many Read more →